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lessons learned from email

I just can’t seem to blog about the things that have been going on in my life lately, so I’m posting the start of my latest email to my friend Michele. (Michele, don’t read this unless you want to spoil the surprise, lol. I plan to finish the email and send it to you by the middle of next week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to report some progress in the topic in the first paragraph.)

Hi, Michele!

Well, yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of Jeff’s and my first date. Without launching into a ramble, I will say that this date (milestone?) has been on my mind. I remembered writing to you – maybe back in January? – that it was coming up later this year, but when I realized a few days ago that *this* was the week, I was flabbergasted. I’ve really been feeling that I need to take this opportunity to tell him (as I said all those months ago) “We’ve been dating for four years now, and I’d like for us to discuss how we think we’re doing…” I’m planning to say this to him either tomorrow (if he calls) or on Saturday at the latest. I really, really think this is something that he and I need to discuss and soon.

Moving on before I start to ramble, yes, I too was blown away by the death of Michael Jackson. His music was such a big part of my younger years, and – like with the 80s music in general – I have such good memories of listening to it. When I hear his songs now, I can’t help feeling sad that his life, once so promising with so much talent, took such a tragic turn. :*(

About my mom’s house being hit by lightning, it must’ve just got into the electrical stuff, so we’re pretty thankful for that! One house not far away was struck by lightning years ago, and it caught on fire and had to be torn down. It definitely could’ve been worse!

I got an email yesterday from one of my former co-workers that he’d been rehired. He was let go back in June. I’m really glad for him, because he has a wife and three kids to support, and he’s from that area, so I know he’d like to stay there. That got me wondering if they’d try to call me back to work. I quickly dismissed that notion – as I have from the start – since they called mine a “termination” and not a lay-off. Plus, I *really* don’t want to go back there, to that same old mess. I’m really looking forward to starting something new.

And speaking of something new, I taught our class’s Sunday School lesson last week. 😮 Our teacher – who is the pastor – was going to be on vacation, so he asked for a volunteer. There were just a few of us, so I volunteered. The topic was one near and dear to my heart: finding and following God’s will. Part of the lesson was about waiting for God’s timing, and I still marvel at how that falls right in line with what you and I are always saying. I even used an example that you mentioned about waiting: like with baking a cake, you want it *now* but if you don’t wait until it’s ready, it won’t be nearly as good.

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