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I’m almost settled in at both my new job and my new apartment but I still can’t seem to follow through on the blog topics that I think of. So, I’m catching up with posting the pictures I’ve taken recently – if the baseball game that Jeff and I went to back in early September can be called recently. :blush:

Anyway here are the links:

Five photos from the baseball game

Three photos from Joe Wheeler State Park

Three photos from Monte Sano State Park and one from my Mom’s yard

The links above are the first pic in each set. Click ‘Next’ at the top right corner of the picture to see the next one.

Note: as I was giving the slideshow a test run, clicking ‘Next’ and proofreading each comment, some ad suddenly redirected me to some weird yellowpages lookup. If that happens to you, use the album index link below to view the pictures. (And would you please let me know? I like the features at fotki, but if their ads get annoying, I will move my gallery away from them in a heartbeat.)

Photo Gallery Index (2009)

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