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What has happened to Wal-Mart?

Dear Wal-Mart,

As a long-time shopper it pains me to write this… but it must be said. Things have changed between us, and not for the better, I’m sad to report.

Yes, you and I had it good there for a while. But for the last year – or is it two? – I can’t help noticing that the spark has gone out of our relationship. And by “spark” I mean “pricing that used to save me money”. Seriously, I’m trying to live better, but when I’m shopping at your store, it’s harder and harder to save money.

Did you think that your reputation for low prices would blind me? Do you think I haven’t noticed those games you’re playing? I’m no longer falling for the old Rollback Trick, where you raise the price on a product significantly then drop it a little bit and tout the so-called lower price. In your brazenness, you frequently do all of this over the course of mere days: at least give me time to forget! And then there are those products that I purchased from you regularly – until you inexplicably doubled their price. Why, Wal-Mart, why?

You’ve left me with no choice. I’ve started seeing other retailers. Oh, sure, I still darken your door, but more and more, I’m frequenting your competitors, comparing their prices to yours. And you know what I’ve found? Some have consistently better prices, at least on the things that I’m buying. Where you have failed, they’re coming through for me.

So, thanks for the memories. I’ll always(?) cherish the times we shared, but I’m moving on. I’m sorry, but it’s not you. It’s me.

On second thought, it IS you.

Love Sincerely,


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