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I’ve been home for a few weeks, so I’m a bit late in recapping my last two business trips, but … oh well! Work-wise, I feel like I’m slowly learning what I need to do, although the boss is still too busy or distracted (or maybe dismayed?) to offer much feedback at this point. :shrug: I carry on.

Anyway, trip “highlights”:

Trip #3 – (Small Town), Kentucky

  • Finally! A destination we could drive to! (Okay, technically we could drive to any of them, but perhaps a road trip from Alabama to Washington state isn’t the most efficient course of action, hmm?)
  • And since we did drive, I was able to take my biggest suitcase, in addition to not have to worry about how many fluid ounces of liquids I was packing.
  • It snowed six inches the first night we were there and though I’ve been to Nebraska in February, that six inches now ranks as the most snow I’ve seen in Real Life. (Yes, I know that’s not a whole lot. And I like it that way.)
  • Thankfully, the Street Department/Road People kept the roads in working order, so we didn’t miss any days of meetings.
  • Even More Thankfully, we were able to delay our first meetings each day by about an hour. An extra hour of sleep = woo hoo! Especially in my new arch-nemesis, the Eastern Time Zone. :glares in that direction:

Trip #4 – Tucson, Arizona

  • Staring down the multiple hours of the trip to our destination – which included a long car ride – I tried Dramamine before the second leg of our flight. And it worked! No travel sickness = woo hoo.
  • The first day of our meetings, in my efforts to find a copier, I was discovered by a decidedly unfriendly man who demanded to know what I was doing in “his” building. I promptly walked the man and his power trip down to the conference room to talk to the boss.
  • The 70-degree Arizona weather was very, very much appreciated, since it was still *cold* back home.
  • It was my first trip to the desert, and I really found the scenery beautiful. One evening I opted out of a social function and walked around the neighborhood near our hotel.
  • On the drive to the airport, someone commented and someone else agreed that the traveling life might be too tempting for young people… and I wondered if they could tell that I had found one of the guys we met with attractive. 😉

Pictures are posted will be posted as soon as I move the photo gallery away from the ad-infestation that is

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