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the birds

This morning, as I was about to leave the apartment complex parking lot, a big bird (a falcon?) and a normal-sized bird (didn’t see what kind) swooped into view in front of my car before flying off straight ahead. Now, I’ve seen this kind of thing before, and I tend to think that the smaller bird is trying to distract the bigger one away from a nest. This time, however, they had gone maybe thirty feet when the falcon snatches the smaller bird right out of the air(!!) and goes to land in a nearby tree. Seriously, the smaller bird lost a few feathers.

I stared wide-eyed after him/them for several minutes. Then I thought, “This doesn’t bode well” for the shift I was about to begin at work.

As it turned out, the small bird was the only one who had a really bad day. :moment of silence for the bird:

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