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by the numbers III

Recently, currently, or soon…

0 – calls from my ex, since the last post :sigh of relief:
0 – things happening at work that are worth mentioning
0 – times I have seen, or plan to see, “Avatar”
0.5 – inches to be cut off during my next hair appointment
$1 – admission price for a ticket at the local cheap theatre, which I frequent
1 – websites I’ve closed (or “downsized”) this week
3 – of my largest websites still on my To Do list for a layout overhaul
3 – times I’ve seen “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”
4 – movies recently borrowed from the library
5 – August 5th, 5-year(!) anniversary of Jeff’s and my first date
6 – Christmas gifts already purchased
12 – trips to the movie theatre so far this year
50 – degrees, the low temp overnight
64 – age of the movie star I’ve been obsessing over, since his movie “The Expendables” opened a few weeks ago
94 – Facebook friends (2 requests pending)

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