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let the punishment *so* not fit the crime

My sister was sent home on Monday from her job at the grocery store. Apparently someone had seen her take the seven(!) spare(!) pennies(!) that were left on her cash register. When they asked her about it, she was caught off guard, I guess, because she denied doing it.

At that, the manager switched into super-righteous mode and was all, “I didn’t expect that you’d LIE about it! This changes everything!” He told her to call back to see if she still had a job. She called Monday evening; the manager said that he hadn’t decided, and she should call back the next morning. So she did, and he *still* hadn’t decided. (We’re thinking, “Now, Bruce, don’t hurt yourself with all of this Deep Pondering.” :rollseyes:)

So this was Tuesday, and he said that he’d call her back that evening. But he didn’t. That’s right: HE lied… but I suspect that the irony was lost on him. When my sister tried to call on Wednesday, she learned that he was off. He would be in at noon today, so she went to the store to ask him face to face.

She’s fired.

I really can’t believe it. She’s been with them since 2002 and has an exemplary record. To be let go over something like this is really out-of-the-blue. And for that manager to drag it out like that – when I’d previously thought him to be so professional – well, now I can only see him as a childish game player.

My mom had worked for the same place (although, do you still call it “work” when they go for weeks at a time without putting her on the schedule?), but she quit over the way they did my sister. Mom insists that they’ve been trying to get rid of them both for a while now, and I can no longer tell her she’s just being paranoid. Needless to say we’ll no longer be shopping at… Rhymes-With-Schmublix. If they’re one of the nation’s top 100 employers, I’d sure hate to see the worst!

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