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six billion people to choose from, and he calls me again!

Ray, The Ex Who Will Not Go Away, tried to call me again yesterday. And having said that, I can save a lot of time in this post by pointing you to the July 25, 2010 entry with the similar title and the same situation, because it all still applies. I’m still absolutely boggled as to what makes this guy keep calling me.

The only difference is that the last time, he sounded friendly and upbeat, as if him calling me was the most natural thing in the world — and not a notion so inexplicable, so completely far-fetched that even the most Insane Troll Logic would stop and say, “Wait, maybe this is a bad idea…” This time he sounded a bit forlorn in his brief, quiet, “Anne, this is Ray. Call me.” Um, yeah, he had a better chance with upbeat, because sad and moody I had *more* than enough of in the year before we parted ways.

And at this point it’s been over ten years that we broke up. Over! Ten! Years! Some people may think, “Oh, you should be flattered! You still have a hold on him after all this time!” Believe me, the *only* thing that has a hold on him is that he wants what he doesn’t have. True to form, when he had me, he didn’t want me.

Obviously, he still doesn’t have even the tiniest clue how positively miserable I was during the last part of our so-called relationship, or he would understand what a waste of time it is for him to even think about me, much less call.

I made a note of his number, and I’m actually thinking of calling and telling him in no uncertain terms to forget about me. I’d love to say the line I thought up after he called whenever-it-was years ago, “You didn’t call me all those times I wanted you to, so stop calling me now.” I could explain that all those tears I cried must’ve washed him right out of my heart, and I could finish with, “I’m still dating that guy I told you about five years ago, but even if I wasn’t – even if you were the Last Man on Earth! – I still would not be with you.”

Then again, this is a guy who just doesn’t seem to get what I’m trying to convey. With his track record, I suspect that if I did call him, even if just to tell him not to call, he’d somehow be encouraged by that. :boggles, yet again:

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to see whether my mom’s phone bundle includes the call blocking service.

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