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those things I do, 2011 edition

Because the last four posts are all about badness which is *happily* not representative of my day-to-day, I’d like to share some of the other things that have been keeping me busy. I…

am still employed. Right after the last post, I found a great opportunity. Out of respect, before applying, I went ahead and casually but directly asked my boss, “You keep pointing out how we don’t have much work; should I go ahead and be putting out feelers for other jobs?” He basically said that things weren’t quite that dire, and that if I left they’d have to replace me. So, although our outlook past September 30 is uncertain, I decided to stick with them. I mean, they gave me a chance when no one else would; the least I can do is hang around as long as they need me.

encourage/nag my sister to continue her job hunt. She had her first real interview last week, and it sounds like it went well, although the lady said she had ten to fifteen other people to talk to. A decision was supposed to be made “in two weeks.” :crosses fingers:

sweltered in the heat working in my mom’s yard. With the tree damage from the tornadoes, our yard work was already impacted, but then we lost another month trying in vain to get our old riding lawn mower repaired. Plus, for weeks at a time it was either raining or it felt like 100 degrees outside. Thankfully, the rain finally eased off (and slowed the growing) and we got another mower last week. Considering all the challenges, I’d say the yard already looks pretty good. If the weather would cooperate, it would look great.

spend a lot of time making sure the neighbor’s dog is not in my mother’s yard. Yes, she’s just a puppy (a big puppy), but after seeing a little dog kill one of our kittens two years ago, you’ll excuse me if I’d rather keep the canines at bay.

remain in a very neutral place with my so-called boyfriend. Yeah, nothing really new to say about that. August 5 was the six-year anniversary of our first date. I don’t think we’re going to make it another six.

transcribed a couple of episodes of my favorite old TV shows. After that huge transcript site suddenly shut down, some of the other Scarecrow and Mrs. King fans and I decided to pool our efforts and replace the scripts. I plan to finish my second episode this month, and I’ve discovered that transcribing is right up my alley. When I like a show, I can watch it over and over. Plus, I like to think of the process – listening to a line of dialogue and then attempting to type it – as a good mental exercise.

continue to work on updating my websites. I recently finished the last of my “really ambitious” layout overhauls, and now I hope to move on to the less ambitious but more numerous content updates.

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