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Is it any wonder?

I’m working on my year-in-review questions (to post at the end of the month) but in the mean time, here are some of the things currently occupying my thoughts.

  • My sore throat. It started having that about-to-be-sore feeling yesterday, and today, yep, it’s sore. Plus, I’ve got the chills – they’re multiplyin’ 😉 – so I’m pretty sure I’ll have this crud for at least a few more days. I’ve got several theories on where it came from but the one I lean toward the most is that I caught a cold a few days as I stood in a misty rain at 41 degrees while waiting for a certain airline to return my carry-on bag. :glares in that city’s direction:
  • My job situation. We’ve been having a lot of (unpaid) time off for the last month or so, sometime for a whole week. The boss hasn’t said anything definite about the future, but I don’t think it’s looking good. He’s supposed to meet with a bigwig next week to discuss the upcoming schedule, and if he can get a straight answer, I figure he’ll let us know something then. The thing is, today I found a good job opportunity, and I’m thinking of going ahead and applying. But what if the new place wanted to hire me, and the boss is all, “We still need you”? But what if I wait, and next week the boss is all, “We don’t need you,” but I’ve missed the only opportunity I’ll find for weeks?
  • “Too much time on my hands.” As noted above, I have no work to do for weeks at a time. However, I’ve discovered that my part-time website hobby does *not* make for a good full-time diversion. Although I now have time to accomplish some major overhauls, most of the “ambitious” website projects that I had on my To Do list are already done, and I’m just not interested in working on the other ones that I can currently think of. Just to have something to do, I’ve been volunteering to write short episode recaps for another site… but then I get slightly annoyed when I see that the webmistress there is not posting them as quickly as I’d like. I try to tell myself, “Hey, not everyone has as much time off as you do,” but then I pout, “Well, it’s not like it’s that hard to post.” Sigh. I’m wondering, even if I don’t apply for the job posting mentioned above, if I should seek out some part-time work, just to have something to do. But that idea leads only to a string of questions: What should I apply for? What would I want to do? Would they even hire me? “Is it any wonder I’m not a criminal?”
  • Other. My sister’s job search is frustratingly fruitless – as are my mother’s repeated visits to clinics and doctors to find the cause behind the consistent pain in her side. I’m seriously thinking of telling Jeff that we should see each other less. Why do my Facebook friends hate mirror shots so much, when that’s the only way I can look halfway decent? In much better news, our church choir was invited to sing at our city’s Christmas tree lighting at the court house square; we went last night, and although we had only about twenty of our members show up, I thought it went very well.

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