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the long hot days before summer

The last month or so has been a veritable roller-coaster ride of emotion. To start with, about a month ago, the pain that my mom’s had in her side for about a year finally got to the point where she couldn’t keep any food down. She went to the Emergency Room; they put her in the hospital for dehydration, and then kept her there for eight days… and still didn’t find the source of her pain! At least some one good thing came out of it: one of the doctors who was checking on her volunteered to be her family doctor, which she didn’t have. She’s still following up with him about the pain in her side.

I’ve had some health issues of my own since late last year, but a new one cropped up in April. So I went to the doctor and, what a surprise, he doesn’t know what it is. At least it’s mild and seems to be improving… I hope. I also got the doctor to look at a funky mole, and he declared that it was not cancer. :sigh of relief:

About the time mom went into the hospital, we discovered that our girl cat had three kittens hidden in our shop – and then that girl cat disappeared. Thank goodness the kittens were big enough to eat what we offer! I’ve been feeding them for several weeks, and in the mornings they creep ever closer. 🙂 Unfortunately, about a week after I started feeding them, the neighbor’s dog paid a visit, and now we only have two. And I was outside when it happened. :*( Since then, I’ve been more diligent in watching for that puppeh. If she even looks at the shop, I go outside and yell at her to “GET!” To my great surprise, she actually hurries away from the shop!

A week ago today, the fam and I were bustling along, minding our own business when some loud chick arrived at our door with two random products in hand. “I’m with Blad Di Blah Marketing, and we’re out getting feedback on some products…” As my former math teacher would’ve said, “a blind monkey with a lobotomy and three bananas” would’ve known that despite the chick’s claim to the contrary, her sole purpose for being there was to sell something. But I, clearly suffering from some head trauma for not having recognized such, was all, “Okay, as long as you’re not selling anything, we can give you some feedback…” Before I can utter another syllable, two more people are out of their van and in our house, unpacking boxes and assembling some vacuum cleaner. TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER, the chick and her assistant are STILL THERE. We don’t even have carpet, but she’s vacuumed every surface available to show us just how filthy our home is, and explained that the Suckmaster 2000 is the key to true cleanliness and also to happiness and the meaning of life. Having literally told her twenty times that we weren’t interested, we finally had to let just a glimpse of our ever-mounting frustration show. She at last found a clue, packed up the Peanut Gallery and departed, leaving us to pity the next unfortunate salesperson that shows up at our door.

In *much* better news, two weeks ago today, I had my first job interview of this (six-month!) stretch of unemployment. The job was one of the few I have applied to that I *really* thought was a good fit with my experience, and the interview only confirmed that it was indeed right in line with what I had done and was looking for. This in itself was encouraging, since one of my nagging fears was that my previous job, while a great opportunity, was such a specific type of work that I’d be hard-pressed to get any other job to accept it as proof I could do their work. Reflecting on the interview, I thought it went well: my two interviewers were nice (very good, since they’re who I would be working with), and again, it seemed that just about every point of the job duties they mentioned, I could truly say that I had done similar tasks. Apparently my interviewers agreed because TODAY I GOT THE JOB OFFER!!! And accepted of course. 😀

Thank you, Lord, that there are highs mixed in with the lows. 🙂

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