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I wrote this today for my “inspirational” blog, and I decided to share it here.

some rain, some shine

Our fourth grade spelling bee had begun, and I was excited because, while I was awkward in many areas, I considered myself an above average speller. Finally, here was an activity where I could shine.

My first turn came, and the teacher announced my word, including it in a sentence for clarity. “Its. As in, ‘The car dropped its transmission.'”

Alright, an easy one! I thought. I spelled the word with confidence. “I-T-apostrophe-S.” Without another look at me, the teacher turned to the next person on the other team and repeated the word, indicating that I was incorrect.

Eliminated from that round, I took my seat, stunned to discover that I was wrong and embarrassed at having missed such a seemingly simple word.

That loss made such an impression on me that to this day I remember *clearly* that its, when possessive, does NOT have an apostrophe. (I’ve come…

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