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Grandma Doris, no more

From my recent letter to Michele:

Well, I need to be wrapping this up (I know, it‘s another Epic, lol) but I did want to respond to your comment about turning 39. I feel the same as you, that I truly do not feel like I’m pushing 40. I just can’t believe it’s really almost here! A while back, while watching Remington Steele, the Doris Roberts character was insulted that some bad guys grabbed her because they were looking for some grandmother. Doris was offended and explained, “I’m only 42!” (I think the joke was that she was *clearly* shaving off a few years, because one guy was like, “What?” and Doris’ look was one of, “That’s my story – and you’d BEST not argue!”) Still, just hearing her say that number grabbed my attention because it’s not too far away. I was like, “Is THAT what people think early 40s looks like?!” Shoot, I would’ve thought she was a grandma, too! I thought that *surely* no one would mistake me for that. I mean, I wear jeans and like superhero movies! THEN I briefly fretted, “Should I be more mature…?” Since then, I’ve realized happily that show was over 20 years ago. As you said, now “Forty is the new twenty.” If anyone doesn’t believe that, they can look at the way 40-somethings are presented on TV. Then: Grandma Doris. Now: Cougar Courteney Cox. We’ve come a long way. What a great time to be forty!

And a quote I found last year at

I am on the precipice of turning the big 4-oh. I am celebrating turning 40 and will wear it like a badge of honor. I will not turn 40 in boy shorts. Instead I will turn 40 with wisdom I didn’t have when I was 20 and confidence I didn’t have when I was 30. To 40, I say, bring it.”

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