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absence of malice

Earlier this year, I happened to check my junk/non-friend messages at Facebook, and I found a month-old email from my ex. He wrote that he’d discovered my website and had “spent the last two hours” reading about what a horrible boyfriend he was.

I was nothing short of stunned to know that he still frets about that. Even as far back as the page linked above, I shared that I have no hard feelings. To borrow a quote from television, “I spent that anger a long time ago.”

So, Ray, while I do *not* want to reconnect, I absolutely forgive you. When it comes to our past, at this point, if I were to be angry at anyone, it would be at myself, so foolishly desperate to hold on to someone who was so obviously not a good fit. I should have listened to wise counsel. I should have tried harder to communicate instead of ranting on and on (and on and on) in a journal. But I have peace about it all when I chalk it up to lessons learned. That time made clear to me what I do — and do not — want in a relationship; that clarity has no doubt helped me avoid some additional heartbreak. When I look through the filter of faith, I’m so thankful that even when we mess up big time, God can make beauty from those proverbial ashes. 🙂

So, Ray: forgive yourself. It happened and we can never undo it. Accept that, like me, you could’ve done some things better… and the next time you have an opportunity, do them better.

Close that chapter for good, and keep moving on with your life.

“And that’s all I have to say about that.”

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