about a blogger

Webmistress, Essayist and “Up-looker”

Hello, hey there, and welcome! My name is Anne, and I’ve occupied this small-ish corner of the blogosphere since 2006.

While I’m – obviously! – not very active at this blog, in days past, everything from TV shows to quotes to Christmas traditions to the plight of the waitress has moved me to craft articles — and, on occasion, extensive websites.

More recently my focus has become so-called inspirational topics, but my aim remains the same: to share and connect.

Thank you for reading this introduction! Even more information can be found in the links below.

* Why is this blog called “medley rising”? The entry below explains.

* My autobiographical “personal site” features facts and commentary, along with links to the afore-mentioned articles and websites.

* I post quite regularly at my “inspirational” blog.

One thought on “about a blogger

  1. Man! You have a lot of websites. I went exploring around and found out lots of interesting things! Thanks for reading and I’ll keep up myself.

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