about a blogger

The name of this blog is a twist on a song called Video Romeo. Who sings this song? Um … I’ll get to that in a minute. The song – well, in my interpretation anyway – describes a girl’s obsession with a Mr. Perfect who exists only on television. “You turn him on remote control; he sees into your very soul. You’ll never spend another night alone.” Since I tend to obsess over famous guys, I thought it fitting to call this blog Video Juliet. (I especially like the line that says, “Switch the dial and step into his world.”)

What’s that? I still haven’t mentioned who sings the song? (And you haven’t tried to Google it from the lyrics??) It’s … :pause for dramatic effect: … Kidd Video. :insert blank look from reader. explain who that is:  They were a band who had a Saturday morning TV show years ago.

Moving right along, I chose “box47” as a username because it’s short. What does it mean? It’s a combination of references to the TV show Alias.

Anyway, my real name is Anne. Beyond that, I have a website where I list entirely too much information about myself. If that kind of thing interests you, check it out here.


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