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faith workout

I started writing this last month, stalled out, then finished it yesterday when inspiration struck. Alas, today, I’ve been less than successful in putting it into practice. Sigh.

At least, I can try again tomorrow…

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not just the facts, please

This morning, the radio morning show team was discussing noticing details, as in, men noticing little details like women want them to. One guy said that he knows to comment to ladies, “Did you get a haircut?” The other guy DJ replied that when people say that to him, he’s thinking, “Obviously, I did,” so he’d prefer they not say it. The first guy insisted that women like that, though.

I feel compelled to weigh in on this critical matter. I don’t claim to speak for all women, but personally, I *don’t* want to hear some generic statement of fact such as, “Oh, you got a haircut.” (I compare it to pointlessness of telling someone, “Oh, you’re wearing a blue shirt.”) Simply stating the fact that a haircut has occurred is what you say when you know they know that you know they got a cut and are looking for approval – but you don’t approve.

What I would prefer is, if you notice a change and like it, please say something along the lines of, “New haircut? I like it!” If you don’t approve, just don’t say anything… and try not to stare in horror at the ‘do for too long.