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faith workout

I started writing this last month, stalled out, then finished it yesterday when inspiration struck. Alas, today, I’ve been less than successful in putting it into practice. Sigh.

At least, I can try again tomorrow…

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Now, where did THAT come from?

Earlier this week, I was having lunch at my desk, as I often do. Boss #2 stopped by to contribute some work-related info (which is, of course, the downside in lunching at one’s desk), but as he turned to go, he spied my sandwich. He asked, “Is that ciabatta bread? Did you bake that?” Yes, it was ciabatta bread, but no, I definitely didn’t bake it… and even now, I’m curious as to what inspired that question. While I can cook, I’m far from being a culinary legend, and I consider bread-baking something done by unearthly people like Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart. In any event, I decided to take it as a compliment.

The day after the previous incident, I was at Wal-Mart (looking for more ciabatta bread for which I could take baking credit). A fellow customer gets my attention and queries, “Do you have any idea where I would find anchovy paste?” Something about the phrase “anchovy paste” really turns my stomach, but I rose above it and thought for a moment, trying to be helpful. “Might it be with the canned meats?” The lady responded that she hadn’t thought of that, and off she went. I was left to wrap my head around the fact that I – apparently – I look like someone familiar with disgustingly-named fish products.

Also this week, the water cooler at work would not dispense cold water, so I called our water-cooler-unit supplier. It would be the next day before the service guy could come out, but the office lady suggested that I “unplug it, wait an hour and plug it back in.” So… just so I’m understanding the situation here: I need to reboot the water cooler?! (FYI, I was desperate, so I tried it. Didn’t work.)

Last Sunday at church, everyone was meeting and greeting after the evening service. I stopped to shake hands with our newest deacon. After our hellos, he proceeds, “Now, your husband – does he go to church here?” I admit, that question took me so by surprise that I was completely at a loss for how to respond. Fortunately the pastor’s wife was one step away, and she informed the deacon that I don’t have a husband. Recovering, I agreed: nope, no husband. The deacon was all, “Oh, well, we’ll have to work on that,” and turned to speak to someone else. Was he embarrassed and trying to change the subject? I hope not. I don’t feel insulted; I just wonder what led him to think that I’m married, since he’s been attending church there for several years. I had recently posted a message at Facebook, welcoming my boyfriend to the site, and I tried to recall if that deacon was a friend there… but I don’t think he is, actually. :shrug:

Speaking of Jeff joining Facebook, it’s just another sentence in the story of a guy and a girl… in the age of social media. He joins FB back in April of 2011, finally tells me about it two years later, and then his dad sends me a friend request…? His dad’s a nice guy, and I don’t write anything at FB (or on-line, really, knowing that a FB friend with time on his hands could follow what I’ve posted there and wind up here :waves to FB friends:) that’s not fit for public viewing, so I accepted the request. But nagging thoughts emerged. “Did I take too long to respond to the request?” “Will he critique what I’ve written?” “What happens to our friendship status if Jeff and I break up??” Sigh. I’m not sure I’m cut out for the nuances of modern-day relationships…

In other news, I’m busy, busy, busy, as I keep finding things to do. Now that the growing season is here, yard chores constantly beckon, so I’ll have even less time for my fun computer hobbies. (:frowny face:) Plus, I’ve been trying to get organized around the house, because my severe case of “stuff-itis” is starting to stress me out. And at work, the projects keep piling up, so much so that I’m starting to identify strongly with one of my colleagues; she had accepted a position with more responsibility, and after being asked if she was starting to get caught up, she said with resignation, “I have the feeling I’ll never be caught up on anything ever again.” Sigh, again.

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watch for falling…

Last week, my mother and I were out in her yard picking up twigs from a recent windstorm.

At one point we stopped and stood chatting by our wheelbarrow, underneath some trees. We heard the sound of something falling above, but we didn’t think anything about it, because as I said, we were picking up twigs. (With all those trees, something’s *always* falling.)

And then – PLOP! – a snake landed not four feet from us. I screamed and Mom took a quick step away. We both calmed down when we recognized it as a smallish green snake, and it wasted no time in hurrying away from us.

I think I can say with certainty that if it had landed on me, I would never work in her yard again. Even now, I’m still casting a cautious eye upward when I’m under the trees.

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new layout

I just completed a major overhaul of my so-called personal site. I started this project months ago, but I’d work on a layout for a while and then decide I didn’t like it. I did that three times (or was it four?), and I find it ironic that the theme I started out with was “Perfection is my enemy.”

In any event, after *hours* spent finalizing it – both yesterday and today – it’s ready.

Now I can move on to the next overhaul…

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pit of random II

*Three times in the past two weeks I’ve been woken up by an alarm sounding somewhere outside. Thankfully, all three times it was within 30 minutes of the time I was going to get up anyway.

*After researching the cameras that will soon be on sale, I’ve decided on one that I want. Now, I’m preparing myself that the store will probably have sold out of them by the time I get there on Friday.

*Today, I cooked “over well” eggs for the first time, and later I plan to finish the latest email to my epal, Michele.

*Recently, I have been busily working to accomplish some website To Dos.

*Although it was April when I changed my hairstyle, I’m still not used to seeing myself with this look.

*I eagerly await the – so far unscheduled – release of season two of The Young Riders on DVD.

*A few weeks ago, I started eating fish again, but I haven’t told the people at work. It would simply mean too much to them.

*On Sunday, I bought six new pairs of socks. (Two packs of three.) The socks that I previously bought on two separate occasions were too tight in the ankles. So far, the new ones seem to work okay.

*When I renewed my apartment lease last month, they raised the rent $10.

*My boyfriend and I are planning to go to the new Greek restaurant in Huntsville this weekend, but I don’t think he remembers that.

*Does anyone know of a store that sells a parallel-to-USB printer cable? I’d rather not have to order it on-line.

*The stretch of Interstate 65 that crosses the Tennessee River in Alabama is really beautiful in the spring and fall.

*I hope that all of you have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving. 🙂

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what goes around

At work, as we try to adjust to our new owners’ way of doing things, a typical exchange with the people reviewing our projects goes like this:

Us: Do you have a standard way of doing this?

Them: There are *no* standards.

Us: I understand, but is there a way you usually do it?

Them: There are *no* standards.

Us: [Picks a way and does the task.]

Them: That’s not how we do it!

Us: [Fights urge to hurt Them.]

The bright side of this is that the two people who were previously in charge of checking the projects are now getting a taste of the frustration that the other trainee and I have been experiencing since we were hired.

The dark side of the bright side is that neither of them is aware of the connection.

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time marches on

“Sister calls herself a sexy grandma.
Brother’s on a diet for high cholesterol.
Mama’s out of touch with reality.
Daddy’s in the ground beneath the maple tree.
As the angels sing an old Hank Williams song.
Time marches on, time marches on.”

~Time Marches On (by Tracy Lawrence)

I still miss you, Daddy.

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what lies beneath

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I visited Wilson Dam. At one point, we were walking near the railing, about 15 to 20 feet over the murky water. My imagination got the better of me.

Me: “What if something was to come right up out of the water and attack us?”

Jeff: “You mean, like a freshwater shark?”

Me: “I’m thinking more like a freshwater Godzilla.”