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by the numbers II

Recently, currently, or soon:

0 – jeans purchased after trying on a dozen ill-fitting pairs
1 – notice left on my door by the Sheriff’s department
1 – phone call made to the Sheriff’s department that the person they’re looking for no longer lives at this apartment
1 – number of times I’ve made French Toast (first time ever, btw)
2 – I plan to post quotes from episode 2 of The Young Riders tomorrow.
2 – number of items on this list I plan to blog more about, at some point
3 – times I’ve left a radio station because it’s broadcasting some sporting event instead of playing music
3 – boxes of tissues currently open at my apartment
7 – days I’ve been taking medicine for my messed-up sinuses
8 – ounces of orange juice I’m trying to drink every day
14th – day my OfficeMate leaves to go to Nebraska for a month
18th – the seven year anniversary of the day I started my first website
1985 – the theme for an upcoming website layout
30 – approximate number of hours my mother spent at the hospital having some chest pains checked out (thankfully, she’s fine)
6:30 – time of the upcoming company banquet and my non-date with a fellow employee
$1.36 – amount of money I spent today (at Dollar General on lotioned tissues)

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hat hair

After all this time I think I’ve realized something about my appearance: the more my bangs cover my forehead – without laying flat on it – the more my face is shaded from harsh overhead light, and the better I look.

To test this theory, I’ll be attempting to shape my bangs like the brim of a baseball cap. (Note to self: need extra hold gel.)

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pop quiz, hot shot

Co-Worker#1 (in the next office, looking at some building plans with Co-Worker#2): Hey, Anne, do you know what a natatorium is?

Me: Isn’t that a building with a pool? A place where people swim?

Co-Worker#1: I mean this in the nicest way: you are a dork!

[Not much later, I sought an ally in Co-Worker#2.]

Me: You knew what it was, right?

Co-Worker#2: I had to look it up. We called them “aquatic centers”. 

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Whitesnake impromptu

Me (standing at a co-worker’s desk, talking about a project. I turn to go, resolved.): Here I go.

Co-worker#1: Again? On your own?

Me (walking away, playing along): Going down the only road I’ve ever known.

Co-worker#2 (whose office I’m passing): Like a drifter?

Me (loving this, declaring grandly): I was *born* to walk alone.

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dear Jeff, huh?! edition

From the email  I just sent: 

Me: Pictures from the picnic were posted today on our server. They got some shots of me looking super ultra goofy. :cringes: I plan to take my memory stick and get the ones of you and me. Hopefully this coming weekend I’ll have time to resize them and post them.

Jeff: Somehow I doubt you look that bad. Me, on the other hand, …
Me: Not so much “bad” – although is some of they, yeah – as goofy. I’m looking pretty weird in pretty much all of them. :sigh:

“Although is some of they, yeah.” Yes, I actually sent it like that – *after* proofreading it!

I should not try to write things when I’m having a Bad Brain Week…

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by the numbers

I took a few days of vacation last week for the fourth. I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things, so this post will consist of numbering parts of my time off:

0 – days of wearing makeup
1 – borderline traumatic incident that I’m not ready to talk about
1 – DVD watched (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
2 – decorative items with a chicken theme purchased
2 – bruises
3 – coats of polish applied to toenails
4 – July 4th, aka Independence Day
4 – cans of vegetarian chili, bought on sale at Kroger
5 – mosquito bites
5 – bowls of ice cream eaten
6 – on Friday (the 6th) I purchased a few Christmas gifts
8 – hours of sleep, almost every night
13 – Ocean’s 13, seen with my sister

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I really must go

I could write about the absolute boatload of stuff I’ve accomplished toward website work this week. Or I could write about the stressful encounters I’ve endured lately as my boss has decided to help by nitpicking my work and talking to me as if I’m completely devoid of functioning brain cells. Or I could detail my adventures in acquiring apartment maintenance.

But all of that will have to wait for another day, because remember the website work? The boatload? Yeah, well, now I’ve redeveloped that painful left shoulder that I get when I sit at a computer for too long on too many days. So, I’m off to some therapy: vegging on the couch and watching DVDs.